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ATTENTION! It's Time For Boot Camp.
Re-Boot Your Workout Routine

Boot camp is the next to last class on our fitness class bucket list. Both indoor and outdoor boot camp classes offer a high energy workout that targets the entire body. Strength training and running intervals are also incorporated to tighten and tone.

Our Danskin volunteer definitely appreciated the changes to her workout routine; however she was extremely apprehensive about taking a boot camp class. The name alone sounds so intimidating, but with an open mind and just a little bit of hesitation she signed up for a class at a Manhattan gym.

What to Expect:

A lot of cardio intervals like jumping jacks, walking lunges and sprints combined with multi-tasking, strength training exercises like planks, burpees and pushups. There is no downtime during the class and you?re constantly moving. Our Danskin volunteer said, ?The instructor made it clear that there are no water breaks in the military so we weren?t going to get any either. I used my own discretion and took water breaks as I saw fit.?

A lot of boot camp instructors can be intimidating, but they are there to help motivate you and get you going. This particular boot camp instructor was very tough without being mean or patronizing. He was also helpful when it came to form and made sure everyone was doing the exercises correctly.


Super intense. As our Danskin team member mentioned, there is no resting in boot camp class. In between plank twists, you do jumping jacks. You don?t get a chance to stop and catch your breath, ever. Our volunteer said, ?After 300 burpees, yes, 300 burpees, I felt like I was going to die, but I was so proud of myself after I finished.?

Sweat Level:

High. Since you?re constantly moving, you start sweating fairly quickly and don?t stop until after the class


Bring a towel with you. You will definitely need it. Also, a high impact sports bra is a must with all the running, jumping and lunging around. A legging is probably your best bet when it comes to bottoms because you don?t want your movement to be restricted. A moisture wicking top is also key because you will most likely sweat through your shirt and want to be able to dry up right away.

Have you taken a boot camp class recently? Every class is different depending on where you go. Some are indoors, others are outdoors and some use little to no equipment while others use treadmills and rowing machines. Make sure you do your research, read reviews and ask your friends for suggestions. Also, make sure to check out the rest of our fitness class experiences, and share yours with us on our Facebook page and Twitter!

For Boot Camp Class:
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